Sep 052018

IMG_3141_ppOkay there are the days when we feel unmotivated and rather shitty however leave that at the door and start to fall in love with your life again. Having a sense of purpose is essential to our health and wellbeing and without it we can tend to feel overcome. Here are my list of things to get you feeling like you are really living once more….sometimes we need to reflect upon how tough times made us even stronger as a person the biggest thing to take from it is to not let past mistakes shape our future …reflect on how you would do things a little different today and then let those reflections to influence your choices today and in your future…LIVE HERE AND NOW, IMPROVE HERE, GROW HERE, AND DON’T LIVE IN THE BACK THEN MINDSET!

Travel often, make time for surprises, speak to one new person everyday, be grateful for all you have, learn to forgive and leave the past behind, learn to give and get love, take inspiration from nature, become someone who listens more than talk about yourself as everyone has something to teach you, remember that everyone has problems we are all human and become as kind, compassionate and warm as you can! My fav saying is ‘BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

May 122016

redfox 131_ppwhite swan 034_ppmeshfox 073_ppYou know the drill …see a set of stairs run up them , never use lift take the stairs instead, park your car further away if possible! These little things do add up over long term! Feel free and open your mind to a brand new way of thinking! An apple a day keeps the doctor away! POWER THOUGHT …. WHEN YOU ARE IMMUNE TO THE OPINIONS AND ACTIONS OF OTHERS YOU WON’T BE THE VICTIM OF MINDLESS SUFFERING! NEVER LET ANYONE DIM YOUR SPARKLE!DSC_0480_pp

Aug 242015

redfox 181_ppblack fox dress 124_ppblack fox dress 264black fox dress 060_ppblack fox dress 070_ppblack fox dress 093_ppblack fox dress 036_ppTo avoid the dreaded plateau… we have to make sure we mix it up and constantly challenge our bodies.For if you do the same exercises plus eat the same foods you can expect the same results. Stand up flat against a wall with your shoulders back or lay down flat on the floor and stretch yourself out . Good for you back and your posture. One day go for a huge bike ride, then next time go for a big swim, do skipping for 30 seconds, then pump out 50 squats on the spot do anything that keeps mixing it up and your heart rate (32)black fox dress 046_ppblack fox dress 003_ppblack fox dress 025_ppblack fox dress 032black fox dress 084_ppblack fox dress 009_pp

Mar 132015

belinda LEOPARD RED FRIDAY 087_ppimages (12)belinda LEOPARD RED FRIDAY 045_ppflyerEating is obviously essential, but it’s also meant to be pleasurable. Many of us lead such busy lives that we treat most of the meals we eat like fast food.We eat as quickly as possible in order to move onto important tasks in the day. If you stop what you’re doing and make time to eat, the benefits are huge. you reduce your stress levels and gain a feeling of satisfaction that you’ve eaten a tasty filling meal. Chew your food slowly and thoroughly so that you digest your food properly and maintain good diagestive health. You body can then absorb the nutrients effectively. MAKE THE TIME TO EAT!belinda LEOPARD RED FRIDAY 262_pp

Jan 222015

Yes the divine miss Nancy has taken out the first hotfox for 2015! What a great transformation she has had! AS you can see in these pics! She has gone from someone who thought exercise was a real chore to loving what her body can achieve! This girl picks up things very quickly  and a real example of what true commitment can do! Love to push her to the limit oh yeah! LOOK HOW FAB HER LEGS LOOK AFTER TRAINING!MARY FOR HOTFOX 106MARY FOR HOTFOX 044MARY FOR HOTFOX 118MARY FOR HOTFOX 113MARY FOR HOTFOX 109

Nov 222014

Put that sparkle into your daily life here’s how!

1.wake up with a smile, a run or walk and a slice of lemon in hot water!

2.learn to see things in colour not just in black and white

3. do what you need to do to make those all important changes to your life and accept and come to turns with the things you can’t

4.wear a nice piece of jellwery or a beautiful sparkly dress, top, skirt anything that will make you shine and feel good in your own skin


Nov 192014


Be wary of many products with the words’low fat, not fat or 99% fat-free they can actually contain the same or even more calories than their full fat counterparts due to high amounts of added sugar or salt so next time be aware!

QUINOA-Is a seed , not a grain. It is a good source of plant-based protein, and is considered a “COMPLETE” PROTEIN as it contains all of the 9 essentials amino acids. Cooked quinoa contains approx 4g of protein per 100g serve. Including plant- based protein sources, such as quinoa, is a great way to increase your fibre intake, which helps keep you feeling fuller for longer

CHIA SEEDS- They are a source of protein, calcium, essential fatty acids, magnesium and potassium. Try adding it into a smoothie, on top of yoghurt, or porridge, or as the star ingredient in chia pudding! HAVE YOU DONE YOUR 30 MINUTES OF EXERCISE TODAY FOR ME??? hotfoxxy 148_pp

hotfoxxy 138_pp.JPGbhotfoxxy 064_pp

Sep 192014

hotfox ian 007hotfox ian 007black HOTFOX 042_pp1. Get moving instead of sitting down on the couch every evening . Go for a 30 minute jog, walk and take the kids, doggie or anyone else.

2. exercise at home, go for a run ,try a gym class or join an outdoor training session.

3. meet a friend everyday for a powerwalk, jog, swim,bike ride or yoga session- anything that makes you move but make it social so you will enjoy it home limit tv time or watch it from a treadmill or exercise bike or while ironing clothes. BEE WANTS YOU TO MOVE IT NOW! NO COUCH ALLOWEDblack HOTFOX 064_pp

Sep 192014

black HOTFOX 011_pp1. BE CONFIDENT! Don’t worry about others around you, they are simply doing their workout and not thinking about whether this is your first or 100th time at the gym

2. ALWAYS CARRY A TOWEL! Replace your weights and equipment when you are finished when you are finished!

3.IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF CORRECT TECHNIQUE!Ask a trainer-don’t just copy the perrson next to you. Not only do you run the risk injury but, also you can’t be sure that exercise they are performing is safe and suitable for you!  


Sep 032014

hotfox ian 009Okay we all can secretly do this to ourselves. Try and distract yourself as much as possible when you feel the urge!

1.limit your alcohol intake or at least cut it right down

2.make your lunch for work and make sure you have a full breakfest or at least a healthy smoothie

3.instead of catching up with friends for coffee and cake why not catch up with a walk or a run

4.cut down on take aways and start cooking at home more often

5.plan your meals and workouts for the rest of the week

6.choose low fat or soy products instead of full cream a gym membership then bloody make sure you use everyone can find the time for good health (cause someone busier than you is running right now)

8.when you feel a craving coming on distract yourself…read a book, jump on your bike, phone a friend) sure to look at your motivation photo

10.remember the body that you have right right is a direct reflection of your lifestyle so if you happy awesome work if you think there is room for improvement please don’t dare despair JUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! IT’S ALL UP TO YOU!silver jacket sunday 125_pp YOU CONTROL YOUR BODY, THOUGHTS, ACTIONS AND YOUR FEELINGS!silver jacket sunday 118
silver jacket sunday 116_ppsilver jacket sunday 126_pp