Jun 022018

My amazing product of the month is rosehip oil! Turning 40 this year so need all the beauty help I can get lol.

I find this oil simply amazing and transforms your skin , try it and be sure to stay out of the sun! JA VIDEO 285JA VIDEO 294

Jun 022018

Young lawyer Nat is the Hotfox of the month! A softball devotee Nat was looking to gain more upper body strength for the game and her overall level of fitness! Nat has worked super hard no matter what and never complains even when I throw her a set of burpees her way lol! Congrats to Nat!JA VIDEO 046 JA VIDEO 048

Apr 242018

MELISSA WHITE 040_pppenny 047Congratulations to Hotfox Penny! Nothing beats seeing just much progression my clients have through their training and Penny sure has displayed this and more ! Half the battle is sometimes just turning up and getting it done then going home with extra energy and yer maybe a little sore!! Congratulations to APRIL HOTFOX PENNY

BELINDA EVANS 012_pppenny 050penny 014_pp

Apr 282017

Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraCongrats to my little hotfox for April Rona! Loving our strength training Rona is enjoying the other health benefits that training gives such as… improved memory retention, helps fight dementia and parkinson’s disease, reduces high blood pressure, helps counteract loss of muscle mass and of course helps us to maintain a healthy weight! Other side effects are beautiful skin, better sleep and improved mood! xxx

Dec 082015

WHAT A BRILLIANT YEAR HOTFOX HAS HAD! I feel soo blessed to be able to do a job which is soo rewarding helping great ladies achieve their goals feel better about themselves and totally transform. I wish all my clients past and present the very best for 2016! love you ladies xxxxmeshfox 282_ppHOTFOX2015 018red fox 191_pp

Dec 082015

red fox 517_pp
red fox 515Wishing everyone who reads this a very happy safe xmas and hope 2016 makes all your dreams come alive for you. Keep up the fitness over the break, move everyday , have your xmas treats but be sure to SHAKE IT OFF with plenty of of good exercise and cheers to the best health 2016 will bring YOU! If you need me to kick your butt into action then be sure to let me know! xx lots of HOTFOX LOVE BEE XXXXXX