Sep 032014

hotfox ian 009Okay we all can secretly do this to ourselves. Try and distract yourself as much as possible when you feel the urge!

1.limit your alcohol intake or at least cut it right down

2.make your lunch for work and make sure you have a full breakfest or at least a healthy smoothie

3.instead of catching up with friends for coffee and cake why not catch up with a walk or a run

4.cut down on take aways and start cooking at home more often

5.plan your meals and workouts for the rest of the week

6.choose low fat or soy products instead of full cream a gym membership then bloody make sure you use everyone can find the time for good health (cause someone busier than you is running right now)

8.when you feel a craving coming on distract yourself…read a book, jump on your bike, phone a friend) sure to look at your motivation photo

10.remember the body that you have right right is a direct reflection of your lifestyle so if you happy awesome work if you think there is room for improvement please don’t dare despair JUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! IT’S ALL UP TO YOU!silver jacket sunday 125_pp¬†YOU CONTROL YOUR BODY, THOUGHTS, ACTIONS AND YOUR FEELINGS!silver jacket sunday 118
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