May 122016

redfox 131_ppwhite swan 034_ppmeshfox 073_ppYou know the drill …see a set of stairs run up them , never use lift take the stairs instead, park your car further away if possible! These little things do add up over long term! Feel free and open your mind to a brand new way of thinking! An apple a day keeps the doctor away! POWER THOUGHT …. WHEN YOU ARE IMMUNE TO THE OPINIONS AND ACTIONS OF OTHERS YOU WON’T BE THE VICTIM OF MINDLESS SUFFERING! NEVER LET ANYONE DIM YOUR SPARKLE!DSC_0480_pp

Feb 062016

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Nov 242015

fitness 001fitness 008fitness 005fitness 075_ppCongrats to my long term hotfox team Julieanne Alroe and her lovely hubby Peter. I have awarded them both cause they are always fully committed to training and when their clothes are feeling just touch tighter they always know what we need to do. Bring accountable to a trainer is very helpful indeed! When you have a job you are soo busy with it certainly pays off as they both know! I put these guys on the scales once a month!

Nov 012015

rockwear 520_pp 66rockwear 530_ppWeights are great we sure all know that. Here is why it is important for us ladies to do them…. more effective weight loss, quality sleep, increased energy, stress relief, not to mention some divine kick ass curves……