Sep 092018

546859_10151382385157573_1368252744_n IMG_20180906_141331IMG_20180831_143817Health and wellbeing is about many things fitness, nutrition and living your life to the fullest. Be sure to fill your cup full of wonderful things !


Sep 092018

IMG_20180906_164415IMG_20180906_154141 (3)_ppIt is springtime folks! Wonderful time of year indeed now is the time to reset your goals and spring into action!

Try something different run on the beach, go vegan or vegetarian cut back on sugar and dairy! Start your day with some lemon water, eat all your greens, get raw, be outside, sweat, breathe, take 5 minutes to reconnect with yourself just sitting with your eyes closed , practice gratitude, slow down (stop and smell the flowers) play make time to do what you enjoy!
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Sep 052018

IMG_3141_ppOkay there are the days when we feel unmotivated and rather shitty however leave that at the door and start to fall in love with your life again. Having a sense of purpose is essential to our health and wellbeing and without it we can tend to feel overcome. Here are my list of things to get you feeling like you are really living once more….sometimes we need to reflect upon how tough times made us even stronger as a person the biggest thing to take from it is to not let past mistakes shape our future …reflect on how you would do things a little different today and then let those reflections to influence your choices today and in your future…LIVE HERE AND NOW, IMPROVE HERE, GROW HERE, AND DON’T LIVE IN THE BACK THEN MINDSET!

Travel often, make time for surprises, speak to one new person everyday, be grateful for all you have, learn to forgive and leave the past behind, learn to give and get love, take inspiration from nature, become someone who listens more than talk about yourself as everyone has something to teach you, remember that everyone has problems we are all human and become as kind, compassionate and warm as you can! My fav saying is ‘BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

Jul 162018


ACCOUNTABILITY! you have to turn up for your trainer

MOTIVATION: you can do it

FUN AND FUNCTIONAL; the right exercises to help you in your everyday life as well as achieve results. Increase your self esteem today!

You are never too old or too unfit to get started!  Ring Belinda now 0401297287 Free intro session

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Mar 312018

Wonderful time of year! Are you wanting to get one on one coaching, get a lean toned body, increase your energy and endurance have a stronger core , deal with stress effectively(busy professionals) . I have been a coach and trainer for over ten years now and I know that losing weight and finding the time to exercise can be differcult, so its great to have a trainer that will keep you accountable and fully committed. I pride myself on being very friendly, prompt and professional and unlike a gym fully ‘PERSONAL AND UNIQUE’ TO YOU’ and whatever it is that you wish to achieve. I just love empowering women to be the best they can be no matter if you are a mother, busy professional with little time, and everyone else in between …I can bring the gym to you or you can come to my studio set up at Ashgrove! I fully believe that training should be a holistic experience and that you should feel stronger both mentally and physically (maybe you are working through depression or other life stressors) . I can train you in your lounge, backyard, local park . Don’t let the body or confidence that you deserve be put off any longer and I can guarantee training with me I will make you the strongest confident woman that you have ever been !!! I customise around your likes and dislikes and you are never too old or too unfit to start so don’t be worried! Ring me to get started I’m always up for a chat 0401297287 ! Although I’m specially a womens trainer I do take on a few select genuine males. Now the Brisbane humidity has gone away its a wonderful time to train and restart your life! LOVE BELINDA EVANS

Here is Amy! I had met Amy one year ago when she was a stressed out hardworking lawyer that was dealing and trying to cope with anxiety like many of us suffer from! One year on Amy has put all of that energy  into her training and her love of sewing (when she isn’t working hard with me). I have since seen a complete transformation in Amy both mentally and physically helping ladies like Amy is why I decided to become a personal trainer!
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Mar 182016

Booze! So many calories that we don’t just don’t need. CATCH UP FOR COFFEE INSTEAD OF DRINKS, CHOOSE WISELY WHEN YOU DO DRINK(vodka and soda) or better still be a nana like me and save it for xmas. Too much drink can age us also so think of feeling and looking bloated instead of feeling youthful and have great skin ladies.
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Mar 182016

Work out whats holding you back in life. The most important thing to work is ourselves indeed, we need to clear our mind of what it can’t you see and get ready for what you can achieve in your life right now! MEDITATE, GO FOR A BUSH WALK, SWIM IN THE OCEAN OR SIMPLY HAVE A GOOD CRY AND RELEASE ALL THAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK RIGHT NOW! As they say even the word impossible says it possible!meshfox 203meshfox 135_pp

Mar 102016

DSC_0387_ppHave you started a new program, recovering from an injury, are growing, or maybe you don’t eat meat like me. Well now is a good time to go and buy yourself a protein powder to give you a boost! Sprinkle on your brekkie, make as a smoothie or if your flat out you can use as a meal replacement in a shake! Always don’t forget to stretch before and after training!DSC_0367_pp 4343 DSC_0424_pp