Sep 092018

IMG_1063IMG_20180909_131347 IMG20180830193350 (4)_ppIMG20180830193307 (3)Superstar Amy!  Amy earned it this month for her ongoing emotional development this month. Just as important as physical. Growing in her self awareness and stress triggers and always giving all to my training no matter what kind of day she has had. Amy loves the feel good endorphins that training gives her. One of all time fav clients Hotfox Amy!

Sep 092018

546859_10151382385157573_1368252744_n IMG_20180906_141331IMG_20180831_143817Health and wellbeing is about many things fitness, nutrition and living your life to the fullest. Be sure to fill your cup full of wonderful things !


Sep 092018

IMG_20180906_164415IMG_20180906_154141 (3)_ppIt is springtime folks! Wonderful time of year indeed now is the time to reset your goals and spring into action!

Try something different run on the beach, go vegan or vegetarian cut back on sugar and dairy! Start your day with some lemon water, eat all your greens, get raw, be outside, sweat, breathe, take 5 minutes to reconnect with yourself just sitting with your eyes closed , practice gratitude, slow down (stop and smell the flowers) play make time to do what you enjoy!
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Sep 052018

IMG_3141_ppOkay there are the days when we feel unmotivated and rather shitty however leave that at the door and start to fall in love with your life again. Having a sense of purpose is essential to our health and wellbeing and without it we can tend to feel overcome. Here are my list of things to get you feeling like you are really living once more….sometimes we need to reflect upon how tough times made us even stronger as a person the biggest thing to take from it is to not let past mistakes shape our future …reflect on how you would do things a little different today and then let those reflections to influence your choices today and in your future…LIVE HERE AND NOW, IMPROVE HERE, GROW HERE, AND DON’T LIVE IN THE BACK THEN MINDSET!

Travel often, make time for surprises, speak to one new person everyday, be grateful for all you have, learn to forgive and leave the past behind, learn to give and get love, take inspiration from nature, become someone who listens more than talk about yourself as everyone has something to teach you, remember that everyone has problems we are all human and become as kind, compassionate and warm as you can! My fav saying is ‘BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

Jul 222018

Hotfox Penny WOW! This is what a few months of hardcore training looks like. YES all the runs, squats, boxing, strength training certainly has paid off. Penny kept saying to be ‘oh I don’t really feel much slimmer’ I said ‘what the’? Here is the proof for her in these pics…..everything we do sure does count. The main thing I like hearing how much better my clients feel with themselves rather than just what they look like. That’s what personal training should make you feel like every session to reveal a more confident, stronger you.

So proud of you Hotfox Penny congratulations you look so fit and happy!penny 051 IMG_20180719_075430 (1)

Jul 222018

Our energy introduces us before we even speak thats for sure.. so lets smile more and be happy! Have your mission as to be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret, worry,fretting or fear! Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful you know. Be thankful for what you have .you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have you will never, ever have enough ! Make your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears.

Thoughts for Monday… life is too short too worry about stupid things, have fun fall in love, regret nothing and don’t let other people bring you down! Our minds are amazing things so be sure to fill it with postive happy vibes always!IMG_20180719_074029 36064369_1845086849131015_7578189637370249216_n_pp


Jul 162018


ACCOUNTABILITY! you have to turn up for your trainer

MOTIVATION: you can do it

FUN AND FUNCTIONAL; the right exercises to help you in your everyday life as well as achieve results. Increase your self esteem today!

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