Mar 182016

Booze! So many calories that we don’t just don’t need. CATCH UP FOR COFFEE INSTEAD OF DRINKS, CHOOSE WISELY WHEN YOU DO DRINK(vodka and soda) or better still be a nana like me and save it for xmas. Too much drink can age us also so think of feeling and looking bloated instead of feeling youthful and have great skin ladies.
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Mar 182016

Work out whats holding you back in life. The most important thing to work is ourselves indeed, we need to clear our mind of what it can’t you see and get ready for what you can achieve in your life right now! MEDITATE, GO FOR A BUSH WALK, SWIM IN THE OCEAN OR SIMPLY HAVE A GOOD CRY AND RELEASE ALL THAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK RIGHT NOW! As they say even the word impossible says it possible!meshfox 203meshfox 135_pp

Mar 182016

A very disciplined hotfox indeed! We have worked o getting Karen stronger in her arms, legs and a stronger and flatter stomach! This is what happens when you train with me! When you train its not all simply bout weight loss though ….you sleep better, your mood is better, your skin glows, and you have a new confidence that only comes from feeling fit! So proud of you Karen!
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Mar 102016

1. Prepare.Dedicate an hour to prepare your meals for the entire week. 2. Intensity over duration. Dedicate 30 minutes to complete your workout. 3. Visulise your goals. 4. Acknowledge your achievements and reward yourself as you reach your goals. 5. Test and retest, reset your goals as you achieve them and repeat!DSC_0050_ppDSC_0026_ppDSC_0022

Mar 102016

DSC_0387_ppHave you started a new program, recovering from an injury, are growing, or maybe you don’t eat meat like me. Well now is a good time to go and buy yourself a protein powder to give you a boost! Sprinkle on your brekkie, make as a smoothie or if your flat out you can use as a meal replacement in a shake! Always don’t forget to stretch before and after training!DSC_0367_pp 4343 DSC_0424_pp

Mar 042016

amy white bikni 182_ppamy white bikni 020_ppHappy Friday! The weekend is starting! Start fresh from today clear your mind of what it can’t!!!

Ask yourself these W questions!

WHO – are you is what makes you special. Do not change for anyone.

WHAT-lies ahead will always be a mystery. Do not be afraid to explore.

WHEN- life pushes you over, you push back harder.

WHERE- there are choices to make, make the one you won’t regret.

WHY- things happen will never be certain. Take it in your stride and move forward.!!