Jun 022018

My amazing product of the month is rosehip oil! Turning 40 this year so need all the beauty help I can get lol.

I find this oil simply amazing and transforms your skin , try it and be sure to stay out of the sun! JA VIDEO 285JA VIDEO 294

Jun 022018

Young lawyer Nat is the Hotfox of the month! A softball devotee Nat was looking to gain more upper body strength for the game and her overall level of fitness! Nat has worked super hard no matter what and never complains even when I throw her a set of burpees her way lol! Congrats to Nat!JA VIDEO 046 JA VIDEO 048

Apr 242018

MELISSA WHITE 040_pppenny 047Congratulations to Hotfox Penny! Nothing beats seeing just much progression my clients have through their training and Penny sure has displayed this and more ! Half the battle is sometimes just turning up and getting it done then going home with extra energy and yer maybe a little sore!! Congratulations to APRIL HOTFOX PENNY

BELINDA EVANS 012_pppenny 050penny 014_pp

Mar 312018

Wonderful time of year! Are you wanting to get one on one coaching, get a lean toned body, increase your energy and endurance have a stronger core , deal with stress effectively(busy professionals) . I have been a coach and trainer for over ten years now and I know that losing weight and finding the time to exercise can be differcult, so its great to have a trainer that will keep you accountable and fully committed. I pride myself on being very friendly, prompt and professional and unlike a gym fully ‘PERSONAL AND UNIQUE’ TO YOU’ and whatever it is that you wish to achieve. I just love empowering women to be the best they can be no matter if you are a mother, busy professional with little time, and everyone else in between …I can bring the gym to you or you can come to my studio set up at Ashgrove! I fully believe that training should be a holistic experience and that you should feel stronger both mentally and physically (maybe you are working through depression or other life stressors) . I can train you in your lounge, backyard, local park . Don’t let the body or confidence that you deserve be put off any longer and I can guarantee training with me I will make you the strongest confident woman that you have ever been !!! I customise around your likes and dislikes and you are never too old or too unfit to start so don’t be worried! Ring me to get started I’m always up for a chat 0401297287 ! Although I’m specially a womens trainer I do take on a few select genuine males. Now the Brisbane humidity has gone away its a wonderful time to train and restart your life! LOVE BELINDA EVANS

Here is Amy! I had met Amy one year ago when she was a stressed out hardworking lawyer that was dealing and trying to cope with anxiety like many of us suffer from! One year on Amy has put all of that energy  into her training and her love of sewing (when she isn’t working hard with me). I have since seen a complete transformation in Amy both mentally and physically helping ladies like Amy is why I decided to become a personal trainer!
easter amy 022_ppeaster amy 007

Mar 302018

hair 019_pphair 030_ppHaving beautiful skin and feeling good about your body all begins with a HEALTHY lifestyle. Basics like eating the right kind of foods, and getting enough water and exercise are the key to looking good and more importanly feeling good. Because muscle does weigh much more than fat try not to drive yourself crazy with the scales and go by how your clothes fit and how much energy you have!

Mar 152018

Training with me for over 18 months now Jasveen is one fitness lady! Not only does she train with me 3 times per week but also does 3km runs on her own  as well. A super busy Dr and mother of three amazing effort thus the March fox! Just going to show we can all make the time to train and help to improve all areas of our lives! Hope you have all had an amazing start to 2018! Haven’t updated my blog in quite a while!jasveen 038
jasveen 039 jasveen 059 jasveen 028

Apr 282017

Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraCongrats to my little hotfox for April Rona! Loving our strength training Rona is enjoying the other health benefits that training gives such as… improved memory retention, helps fight dementia and parkinson’s disease, reduces high blood pressure, helps counteract loss of muscle mass and of course helps us to maintain a healthy weight! Other side effects are beautiful skin, better sleep and improved mood! xxx

Oct 312016

Happy Monday folks ! Congratulations to Hotfox Rona! November hotfox! Rona is just loving the new found energy she has found from her training efforts with me. Not to mention makes it abit easier being able to play with the grandkids! We always need to remember folks that when we plateau or have a set back it is just natures way to make way for an amazing comeback! Don’t ever despair and just keep going!burpees-are-great-198 burpees-are-great-218burpees-are-great-219burpees-are-great-070burpees-are-great-223burpees-are-great-114hotfox-butt-017