Jun 022018

My amazing product of the month is rosehip oil! Turning 40 this year so need all the beauty help I can get lol.

I find this oil simply amazing and transforms your skin , try it and be sure to stay out of the sun! JA VIDEO 285JA VIDEO 294

Sep 232015

weight 002_ppweight 005_pp1. stress relief

2. more effective weightloss

3.good sleep

4.increased energy

5.heart health

6. more calorie expenaiture

7. gives you the good curves and good bone health!

There you have it ladies weights are great! You won’t get bigger but stronger, more confident,able to run up your stairs, lift the kids and feel fantastic and whats not to love about that! WEIGHTS ARE GREAT!

May 052015

What does real happiness make you feel? Everyone wants to be happy for instance when the sun shines it usually makes us happier, when a stranger smiles your way it usually makes us happier, when someone lets you in the traffic it makes you feel happy( I know I do) Try and identify what and when makes you happy… I’m so blessed that I do a job that makes people feel better about themselves and am so touched when they tell me or when my little boy is happy …..of course your version of happy will be uniquely all about YOU!Try and make someone else a little bit happier each day or at least try and smile and the world will smile with you indeed. I have been reading the simple act of making your face smile releases feel good endorphins and tells you brain to feel those feelings..how wonderful so try to even though you may not feel like doing so. You can even break up a fight with a bit of good humour. TRY YOUR BEST TO BE YOUR HAPPIEST HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A BEAUTIFUL WEEK THATS YOU YES YOU XXXXLUV BEE
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Apr 132015

weight 035_ppHowdy folks, this week at Hotfox Fitness we are targeting our abs. So lots of planking, good old russian twists, situps, crunches ..you know the drill are in store for you all! Hop to it Hotfox!download (18)

Jun 202014

hotfox ian 007It is awesome to catch with friends and family with a nice sunday breakie at a cafe now isn’t it …well here is a list of things that are the healthy choices when you do …..have a lovely weekend xbee

1.poached eggs- served with sourdough or grain toast and veggie side this is a perfect nutrtional mx of low GI carbs and protein!

2. egg white omelette-The more vegetables your omelette contains, the better, and an egg-white omelette with ricotta is also low n fat.

3.avocado on toast-Don’t worry too much about the fat content here, as avocados are a rich source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

4. porridge-When it comes to grains, it’s hard to go wrong with oats. Top with yoghurt,fruit, milk for a low-gI high fibre win!                                                   

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