Mar 152018

Training with me for over 18 months now Jasveen is one fitness lady! Not only does she train with me 3 times per week but also does 3km runs on her own  as well. A super busy Dr and mother of three amazing effort thus the March fox! Just going to show we can all make the time to train and help to improve all areas of our lives! Hope you have all had an amazing start to 2018! Haven’t updated my blog in quite a while!jasveen 038
jasveen 039 jasveen 059 jasveen 028

Aug 052015

Hotfox Anita simple looks stunning in these photos I think! You can see the sparkle in her beautiful eyes and the spark of confidence she now has. I just love making lovely ladies feel strong and confident that comes along with getting you girls fit! better skin,  overall improved energy and a new found zest for life ….Hell yes this is living xxxxanita 053_ppanita 079anita 064_pp Hope you enjoyed your hotfox photoshoot hunny xxx Simply stunning its all about capturing the real beauty and sparkle within the real you….and we are only just getting started!
anita 063_ppanita 078_pp

Jul 062015

Howdy folks Bee the crazy coconut is back! Hope you have had a wonderful weekend! Do these things now!

1.clean out the fridge

2. smash those abs in your workouts

3. do a random act of kindness without expecting anything in return

4. make yourself a pot of green tea and put your feet up

5. if your at the office take a walk outside

6. get your trainers on and go for a walk

7. make sure for every 30 minutes you sit down you move for another 30

8. eat more leafy greens, go and visit a health shop

9. take up a new hobby

10. start to banish negativity from your mindset

11. learn to know yourself and your always believe in yourself!
amy white bikni 054_ppamy white bikni 073_ppdownload (14)amy white bikni 115_ppamy white bikni 160_pp

Jun 122015

happy_1426917cwhite swan 116_ppwhite swan 200_ppLife truly is a journey, and you have everything you need to create the most desirable and fulfilling journey for yourself. Take steps each day to reach your life goals and you will not only be amazed at how well you will achieve them, but at how enjoyable and stressfree the journey will be. Your desires, priorities passions and even sometimes your beliefs will change! Always believe in yourself and be better than you were the day before!

Jun 052015

Now is the time to update our winter wardrobe and get into working hard with exercising (i personally love training in winter ) summer bodies start in the winter folks! Grab a furry stylish jacket to throw over your training gear and get up each day with a smile! LETS WORK IT!white swan 163_pp93b285ade493a0640269b0d6644d0e97white swan 167_pp

May 182015

coat boots 020_ppcoat boots 011_ppHowdy, hope your having a wonderful day Hotfoxs!! Now is the perfect time to be digging out our winter boots ….wear them with a dress,over pants or with a nice trenchcoat, a stylish hat or scarf. Those boots are made for walking!coat boots 195_pp

May 042015

greecan goddess 008_ppgreecan goddess 088_ppimages (12)Hope your weekend was amazing! Are you now ready to jump into your working week? TRY THESE! RULES FOR HOTFOXS…




greecan goddess 068_ppgreecan goddess 089_ppFat-Burning-Workout

Apr 242015

Oh yes you know the old drill annoying question of ‘where would you like to be in five years’! Although bloody when it’s asked it is a good question to ask ourselves isn’t it!

I personally changes in many ways , now have a funny and  hormonal 11 year old (going on 16) LOL! I  have also changed the way I think bout things, which  is always good , cause aren’t we always ever evolving. While success and happiness is always gonna be different for each of us, we humans all essentially want to be happy,loved,fufilled,respected! Be sure you always display the behaviour that  you would like to experience yourself and as the saying goes ‘be the change you wish to see in the world!church 2014 red 551_pp It truly is amazing when you look for the beauty in everyone and everything just go  out and find it!!xxbee