Sep 232015

angla hotfox 038_ppangla hotfox 032_ppangla hotfox 037angla hotfox 033_pp8350814825_c62bcc5608CONGRATS TO HOTFOX ANGIE! Lovely smile and always turning up to training no matter how busy or tired she gets- what a champ indeed! A busy mum and a hard worker amazing! I just love  rewarding hard workand complete dedication!

Sep 122015

rockwear 1018_pp20120731095105-20-minutes-on-the-cross-trainer-without-stopI love the cross trainer! It gives us a total body workout without too much pressure on our joints! If you have one at home then bloody well use it or if your a gym bunny use it there at a very high resistance for 45 minutes before mixing and cranking up your rountine!
rockwear 931_pp

Jul 142015

jay leopard 086_ppjay leopard 077_ppGood afternoon my lovely people. In winter time we need to watch those portion sizes. To help keep a healthy portion size use a smaller plate, avoid going back for seconds. Aim to fill your plate with veg, one quarter with meat or meat alternatives like chicken,fish or legumes and the last quarter with gains and cereals. As always go for the wholegrain option and be sure to read those food labels sure does open your eyes as to whats in you food.