Oct 252016

Hotfox Jan  a superfox at  61. Jan was scepical at first of what training was all about but now enjoys a new love of keeping active aand flexiable. Training should motivate and inspire us. Knowing you have to show up for someone actually does the trick when it is all to easy to put it off till tomorrow. I like to be the trainer makes it an enjoyable experience of accountability, motivation and plain old friendship! AWW 

Dec 082015

WHAT A BRILLIANT YEAR HOTFOX HAS HAD! I feel soo blessed to be able to do a job which is soo rewarding helping great ladies achieve their goals feel better about themselves and totally transform. I wish all my clients past and present the very best for 2016! love you ladies xxxxmeshfox 282_ppHOTFOX2015 018red fox 191_pp

Nov 192015

doc24Party frock season is soon here.. follow my tips to feel great and fit into your little stunning dress. hide tempting foods, boost training, keep food diary, fill up on water and fiber, plan for the occasional treat and make sure no tv dinners and always chew your food slowly!

Nov 012015

rockwear 520_pp 66rockwear 530_ppWeights are great we sure all know that. Here is why it is important for us ladies to do them…. more effective weight loss, quality sleep, increased energy, stress relief, not to mention some divine kick ass curves……

Jun 052015

Now is the time to update our winter wardrobe and get into working hard with exercising (i personally love training in winter ) summer bodies start in the winter folks! Grab a furry stylish jacket to throw over your training gear and get up each day with a smile! LETS WORK IT!white swan 163_pp93b285ade493a0640269b0d6644d0e97white swan 167_pp

May 182015

coat boots 020_ppcoat boots 011_ppHowdy, hope your having a wonderful day Hotfoxs!! Now is the perfect time to be digging out our winter boots ….wear them with a dress,over pants or with a nice trenchcoat, a stylish hat or scarf. Those boots are made for walking!coat boots 195_pp