Nov 072015

bel 212_ppThere is something to be said for some acceptance! Just turned 37 YOUNG! I actually love getting older …more self accepting and don’t sweat over the small stuff no more! Always be yourself and people can love you or leave you but as long as your happy with yourself folks it sure is everything! BE THE DREAM!th (3)_ppth (3)_pp

Oct 232015

This is one awesome chick which is the reason i love doing what i do! GREAT attitude, does anything I give her without complaining! Anita aas made major improvements to her life and well being and it shows! Nothing can stop once you have made the changes in your life and act on them! Sick of the way things are then do something about it just like HOTFOX ANITA HAS! A true hotfox in every sense! Not to mention she as quite a gorgeous little boy Henry! Already a lady killer! Too cute xxx white swan 154_pppink with anita 010pink with anita 021_pppink with anita 002

Oct 122015

foxyyy 093_ppfoxyyy 120_ppfoxyyy 041_pp3d6cbc4bc7a862c573bfbb6c101bf1e7foxyyy 065_ppIf your weekend could have been better than please remember this! A new week has arrived!! Time to kick out bad habits and start afresh. The heat is back today so it sure is great to have a evening walk or run! A year from now you sure will wish you ad started today! Make the changes, learn from the past and truly begin again! foxyyy 010_pp