Jun 202014

hotfox ian 007It is awesome to catch with friends and family with a nice sunday breakie at a cafe now isn’t it …well here is a list of things that are the healthy choices when you do …..have a lovely weekend xbee

1.poached eggs- served with sourdough or grain toast and veggie side this is a perfect nutrtional mx of low GI carbs and protein!

2. egg white omelette-The more vegetables your omelette contains, the better, and an egg-white omelette with ricotta is also low n fat.

3.avocado on toast-Don’t worry too much about the fat content here, as avocados are a rich source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

4. porridge-When it comes to grains, it’s hard to go wrong with oats. Top with yoghurt,fruit, milk for a low-gI high fibre win!                                                   

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