Mar 182016

A very disciplined hotfox indeed! We have worked o getting Karen stronger in her arms, legs and a stronger and flatter stomach! This is what happens when you train with me! When you train its not all simply bout weight loss though ….you sleep better, your mood is better, your skin glows, and you have a new confidence that only comes from feeling fit! So proud of you Karen!
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Nov 012015

rockwear 520_pp 66rockwear 530_ppWeights are great we sure all know that. Here is why it is important for us ladies to do them…. more effective weight loss, quality sleep, increased energy, stress relief, not to mention some divine kick ass curves……

Jul 142015

jay leopard 106_ppI really enjoy winter here are some things that are good to do this time of year. 1. change your hair colour 2. wear you black leather gloves! 3. change your foundation and be sure to keep your skin routine up to avoid having winter flaky skin! 4. donate your old clothes to charity! 5. turn that old unused room into your new workout room! 6. highlight your best bits with eye makeup! 7. plan your chriisy holiday!8. invest in a good qulaity protein powder! 9. read a good book in the sunshine! 10. work out hard and go and buy some new workout gear and shoes to get you actually using that gym membership! Have a wonderful day everyone! Wear your leopard print with pride!
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Jun 052015

white swan 125_ppI’m loving this all natural protein powder at the moment. I find that alot of the other ones have all sorts of yukkies that we just don’t need. Hotfox can highly recommend TONY STEINS NATURAL PROTEIN POWDER! Doesn’t leave you feeling bloated either.

Spinkle on your oats in the winter mornings, have as an afternoon snack as a quick post workout pick me up! Or simply add to your food when you need a protein boost! GET INTO YOUR NEAREST HEALTH FOOD STORE TODAY!