Oct 232015

This is one awesome chick which is the reason i love doing what i do! GREAT attitude, does anything I give her without complaining! Anita aas made major improvements to her life and well being and it shows! Nothing can stop once you have made the changes in your life and act on them! Sick of the way things are then do something about it just like HOTFOX ANITA HAS! A true hotfox in every sense! Not to mention she as quite a gorgeous little boy Henry! Already a lady killer! Too cute xxx white swan 154_pppink with anita 010pink with anita 021_pppink with anita 002

Sep 232015

angla hotfox 038_ppangla hotfox 032_ppangla hotfox 037angla hotfox 033_pp8350814825_c62bcc5608CONGRATS TO HOTFOX ANGIE! Lovely smile and always turning up to training no matter how busy or tired she gets- what a champ indeed! A busy mum and a hard worker amazing! I just love  rewarding hard workand complete dedication!