Jun 202014

silver 0231.Your not going to get the body you love by hating the body you have now. Rather than starting yet another diet, make time to nurture yourself. Think ‘I LOVE TO EAT HEALTHY FOOD AND ┬áLET MYSELF HAVE MY IDEAL BODY”!

2.Avoid using the word TREAT in connection with food. Instead have a range of different things you do to feel good. Such as seeing a movie or starting a new hobby. Think ‘I choose to be nourished by fun and healthy activities.

3. Be creative! Restricting yourself to carrot sticks just won’t cut it. Explore healthy recipes you’ve never tried and get excitied by food. Think, I put love in to every dish I create and its always tasty and exciting!

Do you feel like your motivational fire has been extinguished?? As though the mental strength you need to resist those chocolate cravings or to show up to a tough morning gym session keeps deserting u at crucial moments? From mental hurdles to physical obstacles, it can be easy to let your healthy eating or exercise goals slide, but keeping a few simple tricks in mind whenever motivation starts to wane could dish up a big boost in self assurance and willpower.

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