Aug 172015

Hotfox Anita captures this in this photo indeed.  Her lovely smile sure show her how good training is making her feel! Here are some reasons to work out! 1. gives you more energy 2. makes you sleep and feel better.3.makes your skin glow. 4.helps with your moods!5. gives you a happier outlook on life! 6. makes you feel better in your clothes.7. makes you function better!8. you ward off cancers, heart problems and keeps your body functioning how it should,10 BECAUSE IT BLOODY MAKES US FEEL GREAT! MOVE NOW FOLKS AND BE SURE YOU THROW OUT THE OLD YOU AND BRING IN THE AMAZING NEW YOU IN YOUR MIND, BODY AND YOUR SPIRIT ! XXX
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Aug 122015

223dda508005e3e32cee217288a2b3974dOlive Trees photographed against the setting Sundownload (31)redfox 059_ppredfox 052_ppredfox 036_ppredfox 073_ppThere is so much to discover in life. Make your journey fun filled and action packed! BE SURE TO ENJOY THE RIDE CAUSE THE VIEW IS AMAZING! If your have had an awesome week then wonderful keep it up if your week has been shhhitt. Lay back on ya bed and think shit happens and tomorrow is a brand new day! May it be beautiful whatever you do! xxxBEE
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Aug 112015

Today I want you to list 5 areas your life you don’t like and make steps to change it ….CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, HABITS OR LIFESTYLE CHOICES! A holiday is another good way to reassess a situation without clouded thinking. I’m doing it to. Wear red today a power colour indeed!2a071a3ac7834dffefcf98dd2faaac2a┬áSee yourself how you would like to be and it will simply manifest for you! HOTFOX POWER TO YOU! XBEE
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