Jun 202014

silver 034I’m very lucky I have a job where people feel they can open up and feel comfortable with me. It totally amazes me that a shift in the way we think about things and implementing changes can totally transform a person. I myself am always learning and TRANSFORMING in some way everyday. It is also wonderful to see how a balanced diet can effect your mood as well as your body (think more fresh fruit and veggies)! Anything is really achievable as long as your commitment is constant and consistent. We live in a world that is geared to instant gratification, but the key ingredient that allows us to realise our goals is consistency. This means we must stick to something regularly until we achieve what it is that we so want. If your not always up for a big workout a simple long walk like walking to work or walking the children home from school can be enough to mix up the routine or doing a light yoga session with friends, we don’t always have to have massive and intense workout sessions. Try working in the yard, washing your pooch, cleaning your yard out, de cluttering your house. Have a sense of purpose in your life is amazing! It’s often easier to wallow n self pity than take responsibility for our destiny. True happiness comes from the realisation that you have the power to make your own life how you want it. It really does all start in YOUR mind how life will pan out for you!!.

Be passionate about the things you love is it your work, your love ones, your pet or even your house or car that you have worked so very hard for. Well give your passion into those things to make them even better! START the day with a good meditation set, stretch out and think how good it is to be alive and in good health- we must never take our good health for granted that for sure think of those less fortunate than ourselves alot also and help out whenever you can-great karma pot indeed! Forgive quickly and learn to let negative things go easily. Everything is a blessing just sometimes in life it’s in a disguise to make us just a little bit stronger! BE THE DREAM AND MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN ONCE OR TWICE IN YOUR LIFETIME!

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