Aug 302014

1. crowd out unhealthy foods with delicious good foo. Feeling guilty over one unhealthy snack, meal or weekend is a waste of energy. Instead of imposing strict rules on yourself, always focus on what you can have, not what you can’t. Simply crowd out the bad stuff with the good stuff is the first step to the success. 

2. we become what we focus on so focus on your healthy choices and overtime you’ll become a glowing goddess of good health. Things like green drinks, quinoa salads and fresh juices will become habits instead of chores.

3. surround yourself with inspiration- hang with like minded people and join community health groups that support your lifestyle.

4. know that you are exactly where you need to be. Be totally ok with wherever you are at this point in your life- it’s all part of your unqiue journey of where you need to be. Be kind and gentle with yourself. If you’ve been doing an amazing job of eating clean and green be very proud of yourself, if you need to jump back on the health bus don’t feel guiltyy one unhealthy snack, meal or weekend isn’t gonna derail you just don’t make them into a habit. LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO WORRY OR HAVE REGRETS! 5. Positive thinking is really the key to leading a healthy lifestyle. Total wellness doesn’t happen overnight nor is it something we just need to focus on. HEALTHY HABITS ARE LIKE MUSCLES – THE MORE YOU WORK THEM THE STRONGER THEY GET!

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