Apr 022013

imagesCAB1DI5JimagesCAC07NGUPLEASE BE A VOICE FOR THE HUMANE TREATMENT OF ANIMALS AND NEVER BUY FACTORY PRODUCED CHICKENS. It  is so  dreadful the way they have to live ,with many dying because they get so big that they can hardly stand up  and broken wings and legs after living in a horrid conditions, it makes me cry…So stand up for these creatures by only buying free range and organic  CHICKEN AND EGGS where they live a happy life able to roam free and eat healthy…..EVEN WAY BETTER BECOME A VEGATARTIAN YOU WILL SAVE SO MANY ANIMALS AND MAKE MY DAY! WE ARE GETTING SOME CHOOKS AS PETS YAY! REXIE AND MIFFY (MUMMY WILL BE WITH YOU VERY SOON)