Oct 052013

img11img11DSC_0231Work on creating mental strength strategies to build confidence by looking for success. Success can come from achieving a training goal you set for yourself or going for your morning run when you really want to stay in bed. Just setting a goal of drinking two to three litres of water a day and achieving that goal creates success.

Another effective means of develping confidence is through the process of modeling or copying the success of others, what one can do, any can do.¬†DEFINITELY’ ¬†FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT’ it works for me and I do it combat my own natural shyness so anyone can. Your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are always linked. If you act confident, this will help trigger a confident mind-set. A simple way to fake confidence is to practice how you walk into a room.Always make eye contact with others and smile. Always walk TALL with chest out, shoulders back with authority. Your energy will cut through like a knife in any space you occupy. EVERYTIME you have thoughts of failure, redirect to positive. If you hear that inner saboteur saying ‘I CANT DO THIS WORKOUT’, for instance tell yourself ‘THIS WORKOUT IS GOING TO MAKE ME STRONG AND FIT. SEE HOW THIS WORKS FOR YOU APPLY THESE THOUGHTS TO YOUR EVERYDAY EXSISTANCE AND SEE A CHAMPION BORN….THATS THE REAL YOU