Feb 192014

1.FISH! vitamin d is fat soluble.It is concentrated in the fatty parts fish, and fatty ¬†fish such as salmon contain more d than leaner types. Pick wild salmon, not farm raised. 2.DAIRY! One of many D fortified foods, it may also rank as the most slimming.Most ttypes of dairy will net you 100% of D per serving, as well as being rich in calcium. Have dairy minus the fat, skim has just as much D. Don’t do dairy soy milk and other milk substitutes are fortified with vitamin d and calcium. 3. EGGS! As well as providing appetite- suppressing protein-eggs are one of natures few natural sources of vitamin d. They contain other important fat melters as well, including omega 3’s. Always pick free range or organic! 4. WHOLEMEAL BREAD! More brands of bread are now fortified with D and sometimes even with calcium. Read the label just because a bread is brown doesn’t mean it has wholegrains.. Buy bread thats lists a wholegrain flour first on the list of ingredients like ‘WHOLEMEAL FLOUR OR 100% WHOLEGRAIN FLOUR! 5. ORAsilver bootyNGE JUICE sometimes fortified with both vitamin D and calcium, orange juice is a great way to boost the D content of your morning meal. Look for fortified brands and enjoy a glass a day. Drink it alone or add it to smoothies mmm delish!
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