May 042013

As long as you keep trying, you won’t ever stop achieving. Keep feeding your mind and it won’t go hungry for ideas. Stay optimistic and you won’t ever lose hope . Embrace change and you’ll keep on growing forever. Keep making new friends and your circle will constantly expand. Nurture the talents of others and you’ll always get results.

Be a promise keeper and you’ll always keep people’s trust. Be who you are and you’ll always be real. Give credit to those who helped you reach your goals, and you’ll always have a team. Keep aiming high and you’ll always have dreams. Keep your eyes opeN and you’ll see opportunities. Keep your enthusiasm and you’ll always feel inspired. BE PATIENT AND PERSISTENT AND YOU WON’T EVER FEEL THE NEED TO QUIT. 

Keep your energy,passion and excitiment for life and you’ll never be discontented. Stay focused on your goals and not on who others want you to be or what they want you to achieve. When making decisions, listen to your logical mind but don’t leave behind the wisdom of your instincts and the messages from your heart. Listen to them all and do whats right for you. Let your faith and many blessings be a guiding light and you’ll always feel blessed. Let these words be your guide to a BEAUTIFUL LIFE . KEEP THEM IN YOUR MIND, HEART AND SPIRIT AND USE THEM TO MAKE THE WORLD MORE BEAUTIFUL AND FEED YOUR HEAD AND HEART WITH EVERLASTING LOVE!!!!


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