Oct 302013

We all have times when our energy slumps and we feel slow, sluggish and blah, blah blah! Well you can kick this feeling to the curb by implementing these tips into your daily life!

1. make sure you get plenty of sleep ( a must have for hotfoxs)

2. limit your alcohol intake save it for once a week or even better just on special occasions

3. unburden yourself from being a complete people pleaser (it really is okay to sometimes say NO)

4. get at least 8 hours of sleep a night when we get enough sleep we look younger, better able to cope with daily stresses, lose weight quicker and feel way better not to mention we dont want to binge as much on unhealthy foods!!!

5. take up a sport or play a ball game with your children on the weekend if you are a Yummy mummy!

6. aim to move for at least 30 mins a day and watch your health explode for the better and get yourself a healthy daily 10 minute dose of sunshine yes good old vitamin D! It is essential to our well being ( in small doses)


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