Dec 052013

Hi lovely ones! I truly hope you have a wonderful happy christmas with your families, eat drink and be very merry indeed. Let 2014 be the year you reach your goals whatever this may mean for you, it will be a new year and a new you so whatever is not working in your life make those changes to make it the little bit better. Take the stairs never the lift, find your spiritual self, read a book on the beach, bake something yummy, have that piece of cake just cause it is christmas! GET EXCITED TO BE YOU CAUSE THERE IS ONLY ONE OF YOU AND ITS ….AWESOME!!! I WILL LOOK FORWARD TO KICKING YOU INTO HOTFOX FITNESS ACTION 2014 THE YEAR THAT DREAMS WILL COME TRUE! I HAVE HAD A BLAST TRAINING IN 2013 AND GETTING MY GIRLS TO THEIR GOALS AND I HOPE SOME OF MY POSTS HAVE INSPIRED YOU TO TAKE ACTION TO BE A BETTER VERSION OF YOU AND LIVE A VERY HAPPY AND INSPIRING LIFE! IF I HAVE MADE SOMEONE READING THIS TO GET OFF THE COUCH AND GAIN THE MOST OUT OF THEIR LIFE¬†OR SIMPLY PUT A SMILE ON YOUR DIAL¬†THEN I FEEL VERY FULFILLED INDEED! LUV YA HOTFOXS XXBEEpositive_focus
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