Feb 092015

bel 358_ppDSCF1215-223x300_ppAs a mother to an 11 year old boy I know that it is sometimes very hard to get them off the bloody couch!!Here are my top tips for getting them to MOVE IT!

1. create a weekly or daily program for them 2. reward them with some ipad time if they go for a walk with you! 3. give them a job of daily walking the dog for extra pocket money! 4. buy a hula hoop and let them play and have fun with it 5. install a basket ball hoop above your garage! 6. get a ping pong table and have a weekly set together as a family! 7. take up a sport with them! 8. get them taking the rubbish out 9. pick up their clothes (mr jay I’m talking to you) 10. TELL EM YOU LUV EM! XXimages (3)
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