Sep 042015

hotfox Anita 033_pphotfox Anita 010hotfox Anita 019_pphotfox Anita 026_ppPeople are drawn to warmth, enthusiasm,and confidence more than anger, arrogance, and impatience. Whatever is going on around you, manage your responses to get the best responses from others. Make sure your tone of your voice, and your body language are all saying the same thing! Mixed messages are never a good thing! When we get depressed because the world is in such a mess , do we ever think ..well, maybe I shouldn’t expect so much when I give so little? Rarely . Let’s change this behavior. Give more of yourself in life, and you’ll receive more …more effort bigger rewards. BAKE SOMEONE A CAKE, PLANT SOME FLOWERS, GET A PET FROM TH RSPCA, MENTOR A CHILD, THROW A BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR SOMEONE, WRITE A SONG OR POEM FOR SOMEONE YOU LOVE! HAVE A FABULOUS TIME WITH YOUR DAD THIS SUNDAY!

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