Jun 112014

1.Find your own way to relax is it listening to music, yoga, having a glass of red wine, hot bath, or walk in the country side

2.Do things you value-in your busy life make sure you find the time to do the things you love to do on a weekly basis

3. Connect with family and friends regular social contact is essential to a happy life a good support network is with you through good times and bad not to mention have fun with.

4. Be and live in the moment dont worry about the past

5. Use humour -simple ways to destress is by using humour include watching a funny movie, laughing with friends and seeing the funny side in any situation.

6. Aim to live a healthy lifestyle- get enough sleep, eat good food and limit your alcohol intake

7.Challenge your negative thoughts-always say to yourself I’am a valuable and intelligent person

8. Learn to say no- you can’t be everything to everyone without sometimes putting yourself first it really is okay to have clear boundaries and put yourself first sometimes. Because if you don’t look after yourself you no good for anyone else.

9. Make yourself  high on the prioritising list do things that look after YOU!

10. HAVE SELF COMPASSION-know that everyone feels stressed at sometime or another and don’t compare yourself to anyone else!


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