May 102013

logo_introMuscles unless adequatelt exercised or used will become weak and inefficient. Let’s take a look at some of the evidence which shows why regular vigorous exercise is so essential to physical well being. Weak back muscles are associated in many cases with lower back pain. I t has been estimated that 90%of these backaches may be eliminated by increasing the strength of the back muscles through exercise! SOME MORE INTERESTING HOTFOX FACTS:

1. A bulging , sagging abdomen resulting from weakened abdominal muscles is detrimental to good posture.

2. The efficiency and capacity of your heart , lungs, and other organs can be improved can be improved by vigorous regular exercise.

3. A fit person is less susceptible to common injuries, and if injured, recovers more rapidly. 4. The degenerative heart dieases may be greater in those who have not followed a physically active life.

5. Regular exercise plays an very important eole in controlling your weight, helps you to deal with emotional and nervous energy and you are NEVER TOO OLD OR TOO UNFIT TO GET STARTED AND GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR HOTFOX LIFE!