Jun 062014

DSC_0078_ppTend to look on the bright side of life …then your heart health will thank you for it. A US study has concluded that optimistic people have healthier tickers than their pessmistic people. Those with the highest levels of optimism had a massive 73 per cent lower risk of heart failure, compared with their pessimistic pals. Expecting the best may make you more proactive about your health expects say. NOT ONLY DO OPTIMISTIC PEOPLE TYPICALLY ACT IN HEALTHIER WAYS, BUT THEY ALSO ACTUALLY BELIEVE BEHAVIOURAL ACTIONS LIKE EXERCISE AND EATING A HEALTHY DIET WILL IMPACT THEIR HEALTH. IN ADDITION, OPTIMISTS ALSO TEND TO COPE WITH STRESS BETTER, WHICH MIGHT BLUNT THE UNHEALTHY EFFECTS OF STRESS ON THE HEART. AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED, THE GLASS ISN’T JUST HALF FULL.. IT’S BLOODY OVERFLOWING! TRANSFORM YOUR WAY OF THINKING FROM TODAY AND SEE YOURSELF REAPING THE REWARDS BECAUSE LIFE….YOUR LIFE IS TRULY MAGICAL!! X BEE FIND YOUR POSITIVE PLACE!DSC_0072_pp