Jun 292015

Arh yes its chilly this winter and of course we reach for the hearty and yummy stuff now don’t we!!!(hot chipps anyone?)

1. KEEP MOVING-maintaining your regular exercise schedule is crucial if   over you wish to either maintain or lose weight over the cooler months. Grab a friend for more accountability.

2. SHAKE UP THE PLAN-its very common to crave comfort foods to keep warm. Why not indulge in some home-made soupsor stews that are laden with vegetables (non starchy of course).

3. STAY HYDRATED- Even when the mercury drops it is still  jay 2015 june 119_pp important to keep up with your water intake. The cooler climate does not tend to give us the same prompts to drink, so it is important to keep your water bottle  in sight.

4.LIMIT YOUR ALCOHOL!- Alcohol is also an easy way to clock up those unwanted calories that can be tricky to burn off. So,you are putting your feet up at the end of a long day,swap the glass of red for a mug of herbal tea and leave the alcohol for those special occasions only.

There you go girls get yourself moving so you can have a real transformation into feeling wonderful for summer time! Whatever it is motivating you… a little dress, fitting back into those jeans, feeling comfortable on your holiday!

jay 2015 june 131_pp

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