Feb 022011

The faster we can make our metabolism the better we can burn fat quick so try these:

1. shock your body/then rest to scorch those calories we need to challenge our bodies and go hard and then have breaks inbetween as it is in these breaks that major changes happen.

2. split the difference/do a full rep of  an exercise, then do just half of it at the hardest part of the move.

you end up sneaking extra reps and increase muscle tension virtually the same amount of time, it also pumps lots of extra blood in the muscles which is excellent for creating muscle definition.

3.mix in cardio/get your heart rate up by combining  cardio  and strength. doing cadio inbetween sets of weighted exercise burns a higher percentage of kilojoules from fat.

4.keep on jumping/ plyometrics think leaping, jumping  and skipping burns kgs and builds lean muscle quickly


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