Sep 302010


1. DOING AT LEAST 6O MINUTES OF EXERCISE DAILY(Something you love to do and doing it with a mate. Make it a good daily habit and you will become a fit fox forever and kick your bad habits to the curb)

2. HEALTHY EATING FOR LIFE ( think fresh, lean proteins,less carbs,heaps of water we need 2 litres a day

3. PORTION CONTROL (this is where alot of us girls go wrong even its healthy food when we eat to much its not good. Try eating from an entree plate instead of a dinner one)

4. EATING BREAKFAST DAILY( so many ladies skip breakfast which is not good at all girls, if we eat a big healthy brekkie we are less likely to get the afternoon munchies and eat the bad stuff)


5. ADDRESSING NON HUNGRY EATING ( are you in that fridge cause you are really hungry????

Try to find out why if not. When we eat a good brekkie, a healthy morning and afternoon tea, a super dinner and lunch full of protein we are less likely to feel the need to pay the fridge a visit inbetween)

6. MONITORING YOURSELF WITH REGULAR WEIGH INS ( I believe we only need to do this once a week, just to see if we are on the right track and or need to push ourselves harder)

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