Mar 012014

Good posture is the foundation stone of all your movements whether you are exercising or sitting at a desk. Poor posture can lead to incorrect body alignment (and musculo-skeletal problems associated with it) and it can also make your stomach look bigger than it actually is! Standing and moving correctly is down to habit. How are you sitting at the moment? Are you slouching in a chair? Are your legs crossed? Both of these positions can have a negative effect on your posture. While it is not necessary to spend a lifetime sitting on hard high-back chairs,reminding yourself every now and then to sit and stand up straight will make a huge difference, not just to how you look but how you feel about yourself! HOW ARE YOU SITTING, STANDING NOW?DSC_0723-200x300_ppBelinda-Evans-Personal-Trainer-Brisbane-hotfoxfitness-150x150