Sep 152012

lets book your chrissy holiday this week. give yourself something to look forward to and show off your hard work in your micro biknis.

this weeks song is Michael Woods NATURAL HIGH

always live on yours!

‘A person who cares for the well being, saftey and happiness of others is truly worth their weight in gold”




Apr 282012

1. clean out the fridge and pantry 2. drop toxic people from your life 3. stop spending and start to save 4. get to bed early/ become a morning person 5. envision your dream body and what you are gonna do to get it 6. de clutter or redecorate 7. get a total health check from your gp 8. learn to love the life or start to make positive steps to change if you don’t 8. babysit for a friend or take your pooch for a walk 9. buy your fav perfume 9. get a massage or have a massage night with your man 10. cook up a feast and host a dinner party for your friends and family 11. buy clothes that you know you can totally rock and look hot 12. take some time out for yourself and meditate and get in touch with who you really are and where you want your life to go 13. learn to love healthy and yummy foods 14. get your self into a serious exercise routine 15. finally know that you totally rock and the world iS YOURS FOR THE TAKING…..CAUSE YOUR A SUPERSTAR YES YOU ARE