Feb 192014

DSC_0510_ppDSC_0523_pp1.CHOOSE HAPPINESS we can’t change a lot of situations in our lives, but we sure can control our reactions. We can choose the best feeling in order to attract positivity. Happiness is a choice so please choose it from today!

2.NOURISH YOUR WELLBEING! My best tips for wellness are vegie juices, exercise, healthy food, and lots of laughter. Choose natural products always, hydrate your skin and my beauty tip has to be good old rosehip oil if you want beautiful skin.

3.STAY ENERGISED! There sure are moments in life when I would much rather stay in bed SNOOZING!! Needing an aderlain … A good multi vitamin can help your energy levels as well as a healthy dose of good old vitamin d!

4.FIND SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF AND CHERISH IT! If your anything like me you love some time alone! If not start embracing it from now on and find your true inner self and true spirit. I just love reading a book or listening to my fav music having a big cup of tea and unwinding from the day. Hell, even getting into my cleaning can be a spiritual experiance for me lol lol. The time you spend with yourself in your own thoughts is an amazing time indeed. Learn to luvvv it like I do! Turn off the bloody phone, facebook, emails and anything else that distracts from your inner bliss!

5.GET OUTDOORS! There is nothing better than a long walk on the beach for me, hearing the gorgeous sound of the waves and warmth of the beautiful sunshine! I also love go hiking in the bush with the boys and discovering new and interesting things. Get out and discover what gets you going outdoors.

6.BOOST YOUR ANTIOXDIANTS! FIGHT cancer and get the glow that antioxdiants can give you …eat strawberries, blueberries, vitamin c, sillica! They also support collagen production so you will not only feel better but glow from the inside out!

7. THE POWER OF A DEEP, DEEP CLEANSE.. BIG NIGHT OUT LADIES?? Start the day with a slice of lemon in hot water and avoid those greasy foods. back off the boozy nights out and start thinking long term about your health and how you want to look in ten years time. Certainly you won’t want to look and feel like a dried out prune! GET ENOUGH SLEEP AS WELL AND INVEST HANGING AROUND THE PEOPLE YOU MAKE YOU FEEL THE BEST YOU CAN BE AND ENCOURAGE AND SUPPORT YOU IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE. LOOK AFTER AND INVEST IN YOUR SKIN CLEANSE AND MOISTURE, MOISTURISE YOU SKIN EVERYNIGHT!