Nov 022012

1. don’t ever allow yourself to wallow in disappointment

2. you can make great things happen just by thinking about them often

3. to make a change you have to see things as you would like them to be

4. success isn’t a infinite resource everyone can have it

5. you attract good or bad experiences based on your thoughts

6. It’s better to trust your emotions than over think a descison

7. thinking about something means you invite it in even if you ddon’t want it

8. avoid tv shows that deal with negative things like crime, illness or gossiping

9. don’t worry about what your dreaming, instead use your dreams as a guide

10. love life, love the people in it, don’t be critical and nasty to others, think about what you really what in life, the car you will drive, the house you will live in BE THE DREAM GIRLS NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE