Apr 282015

church 2014 red 734_ppThere’s a clear distinction between essential fats and saturated fats. The body needs essential fats in order to function properly. Foods such as avocados, nuts,fish, and cold pressed oils ¬†all provide these necessary fats. Saturated fat,on the other hand is a non essential fat the body doesn’t need it, even though we often find ourselves craving foods such as crisps, that contain saturated fat.

By cutting out saturated fats and including more essential fats and including more essential fats in your diet, you can enjoy the satisfaction that comes with eating healthy foods containing fat and minimize any cravings for unhealthy foods! EAT THE GOOD FATS AND LET’S AVOID THOSE BAD TRANS FATS!church 2014 red 703_ppweight 036_pp