Jun 112015

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Jun 062014

DSC_0209Lemon is the golden child of the citrus family.Once synonymous with with sour faces, lemons have health and well being benefits that offer sweet returns.This acidic fruit is loaded with properties that help reduce the impact of colds and flus and even better combat free radical damage. The flesh and juice is packed full of vitamin c for healthy cells and immune function. Andas all good nutrition expects urge don’t neglect the lemon peel. It contains a dietary source of limonene which aids in detoxification, digestion and metabolism. How to get lemon on the table? Think a zesty addition to salads,meat or steamed veggies. They are best tp but in March to September, ripe lemons are bright yellow, thin skinned  and feel heavey for their size. 


It helps absorb and improve calcium from food

It contains the anti-carcinogen compounds, liomin and limonene

Its packed with antiviral and antimicrobial properties!


1. heat lemon zest, garlic and olive oil for about 5 minutes.Cool then use as a dip

2.Make ice cubes with fresh lemon juice. Pop them into water for a refreshing and low kj drink

3. Place lemon wedges under and around a fillet of fish before baking. flavour without the fat!