Jun 052015

Now is the time to update our winter wardrobe and get into working hard with exercising (i personally love training in winter ) summer bodies start in the winter folks! Grab a furry stylish jacket to throw over your training gear and get up each day with a smile! LETS WORK IT!white swan 163_pp93b285ade493a0640269b0d6644d0e97white swan 167_pp

May 182015

coat boots 020_ppcoat boots 011_ppHowdy, hope your having a wonderful day Hotfoxs!! Now is the perfect time to be digging out our winter boots ….wear them with a dress,over pants or with a nice trenchcoat, a stylish hat or scarf. Those boots are made for walking!coat boots 195_pp

May 082015

back 004
SK-ExerciseGraphics-01 (2)LIFT LIKE A MAN TO LOOK LIKE A GODDESS! It certainly is great to have a nice strong back that not only looks great back 005in halter dress but also feels nice and strong. Below is a full body exercise that will make you feel strong from head to toe. You work with your legs with the squat while targeting your upper and lower with the overhead lift.back 003

May 052015

download (25)I admit I’m a old woman in my ways I love peace and quite and warm chamomile tea at night lol. My fav song is Depeche Mode’s ENJOY THE SILENCE HAHA and I’m always in bed by 1opm lol! I have always enjoyed being quite and relaxing in my own head space. It is so important for everyone’s wellbeing to relax, meditate if you wish and just be quite sometimes. Here are some ways I think can help. Have you had a busy day or stressful week then take my advice and relax!  1. get comfortable 2. switch off electronic devices 3. have a hot bath or shower4. put some classical or jazz music on 5. look at photos that make you feel your at the beach or a rocky mountain retreat 6. have sex(you may as well throw it in there lol)7. read a lovely story book 8. pat your dog or cat 9. lay flat on the floor all stretched out! 10. think of where you plan to go for your next holiday and take a chill pill (warm milk, chamomile tea, get your partner to give you a massage with lavender oil! FEELING RELAXED?? LOVE THIS QUOTE BELOW! HOPE I HAVE GIVEN YOU SOME HINTS!
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May 052015

When I find products I love using I have to rave about them on here! At the moment I have rather white teeth and wrinkle free skin here are my fav two products that I highly recommend to you girls! Guess what they actually do what they say! YAY! Get yourself some colegate optic white and Lancome Visionaire range….amazing!wynum 374_ppwynum 380_ppdownload (23)images (60)

May 052015

THE GOOD OLD LEGS ! Yes we will be working the to the max at Hotfox Fitness this week. Think squats,lunges, good old step ups, jumpsquats, wall sits,YER you ladies know the drill by now! Having legs that you can see all your hard work pay off takes dedication indeed (we can do it) ! BE SURE YOU DO A ACT OF KINDNESS THIS WEEK! Oh yes and have added my new husband!wynum 234_ppwynum 245_ppwynum 242images (27)

May 052015

What a gorgeous sunny day it has been. Make the most of it while we can. Slip on a hat, sunscreen ans be ready to rock! As I’m nearly a serior citizen myself lol 37 soon folks! I realize the importance of . Vitamin D h however is so essential to our wellbeing and also our mental health to see the sunshine is so uplifting to our moods as well as our general health. Don’t forget  to whack a smile on your dial and make the most of doing anything you can in the great outdoors! Here I’am doing my push ups along the Wynum waterfront be sure to do it in the outdoors! GET OUT AND BE SURE TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF!wynum 332wynum 349wynum 311wynum 314

May 042015

greecan goddess 008_ppgreecan goddess 088_ppimages (12)Hope your weekend was amazing! Are you now ready to jump into your working week? TRY THESE! RULES FOR HOTFOXS…




greecan goddess 068_ppgreecan goddess 089_ppFat-Burning-Workout

Apr 282015

church 2014 red 705_ppThis week be sure to have a fresh veggie juice, homemade fruit smoothie and add some good quality protein powder! Make it colourful with what you eat! Lift weights to feel great, even doing a few bicep curls with two cans of baked beans is good if you don’t have any weights. Utilize whatever you have at home …got a chair do  30 tricep dips, got a bench do some step ups for me! MOVE IT! This time of year is wonderful to get really motivated and right into your health and well being!download (21)church 2014 red 892_ppconfidence