Jan 262016

NBNBNDSC_0056DSC_0033DSC_0142_ppA well built body is a status symbol that reflects your hard work!

money can’t buy it! it is worked for

You can’t hold onto it without consistent work!t IT SHOWS PATIENCE WORK ETHIC AND PASSION! The difference between a dreamer and a visionary is DISCIPLINE!

Jul 142015

jay leopard 109_ppjay leopard 123_ppimages (85)I love this quote from Audrey! For isn’t it so true indeed! My other thoughts for this Hotfox week are see the sunny side of every situation and think before you speak as negativity to yourself or  to others only comes back to bite you on the butt indeed. Take your frustrations out on a punching bag, a bloody good run, but hell sometimes a bloody good scream or cry let it all out of your system doesn’t it….. I know it does for me but then we always feel much better and we release it so that more wonderful things are gonna happen to us! GREAT THINGS ARE COMING YOUR WAY PEOPLE THINK IT AND THAT IS WHAT YOU SHALL TRULY ATTRACT! Don’t forget to flash your smile to release those feel good endorphins ! yay and always remember how great it is to be YOU! Start to be the kind of person that you would like to hang out with …think what traits do you like in a person …for me its a chilled out,well mannered, happy burst of sunshine who is assertive yet kind! What traits do you like in a person think about it from today and that should be the person you will attract in friends,partners, business or simply on the street and practice to others what treatment you would like to see given to you! Get enough sleep, eat well, train hard,read great books, be a good friend, daughter, brother, mother or lover and become the best version of you! If things or the people in your life really give you the shits….give them a break, leave the room and scream serenity now and give em your best blue steele moment haha! jay leopard 138_pp2386