Jan 272014

Have you ever felt like dancing in a fountain? arh Fully clothed? Eating food in the nude?

I’ve seen some do it, and the laughter and smiles tell you in a minute that the scene has just made everyone’s day! Most of us have crazy thoughts like that, but we don’t act on them. Our frame of mind frames us in. It dampens our growth, stamps out our creativity, and wreaks havoc with our imagination. Daring to be wacky means stepping out of our comfort zones, taking a chance, and creating a life worth loving. SURE IT’S RISKY -BUT SO WHAT?

Being a wacky woman means following your heart. You don’t have to be obnoxious or extreme: just be willing to step outside the box, let go of your doubts, and grab hold of the first opportunity that comes your way. Take music lessons, go back to school, make friends with a foe or old rival, volunteer for charity, run a race, adopt a pet, learn a new language, join or start a new club! The results will simply amaze you! You are never too old, young, rich or poor to “JUST DO IT’!

I knew when I started HOTFOX FITNESS I would be the fun WACKY FITNESS TRAINER! Because who wants to be boring and I wanted the name to represent fun, and cute whilst being wacky lol! Got to find whats right for you always and never conform to anyone’s restrictions but your own! YOU NOW HAVE THE POWER GIRLĀ 


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