Apr 212014

Do you view your life as abundant? It’s one thing to want abundance of love, health, success- but it’s another to really believe you can have it We are taught that the world is full of ‘not enoughs’, when actually the universe is abundant in all forms. Look at where you place your attention..do you tend to complain about what you didn’t get instead of embracing what you did!!! DO YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS? Your thoughts, actions, and emotions all determine what your life looks like. When you don’t believe your powerful you allow others to hold the key to your happiness. When you allow others to hold the power you limit the options available to you. The lesson? BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ALWAYS! WHAT ARE THE GREATEST WOUNDS THAT I’VE HEALED? Think of the moments you’ve been the most tested. These experiences also offer you tremdous gifts, no matter how deep the pain. They provide clues to what you’re meant to learn in life and how you can share the gifts of those lessons learnt with others. They are your STRENGTH- and also your true potenial! GO RIDE THE WAVES OF LIFE SEE ABUNDANCE IN ALL YOU DO!th (78)
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