Feb 102015

bel 392_ppbel 257bel 028_ppSuccessful weight loss is about monitoring your daily energy intake versus outake. If you enjoy having some carbs at night don’t freak out when someone puts some rice on your plate, just stick to yoit is ur one serve and account for it in your daily intake. The bottom line is carbs do not make you fat the amount you eat does. If you consume more than what you burn you will put on weight and it sure doesn’t matter if that is before or after 6pm! A more realistic aim is to eat a light dinner of mainly protein and no starchy carbs pasta, bread and potato and try not to have dinner within two hours of going to bedbel 167_ppbel 255. Add some weights and resistance (A HUMAN ON YOUR BACK ?)to your program. Hit those stairs and not the couch! GOOD WORK JD!bel 333_pp
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