Sep 122014

Did you know that most dieters regain all their weight within 2 years according to research. Here

are some tips to help! SLOW DOWN-If its common knowledge among healthies that it takes 20 minutes to realise you’re full, eating slowly is a simple way to eat less(by the time your half way through a 40 minute meal you won’t even feel like finishing.

MAKE SURE YOU’RE REALLY HUNGRY- When you’re rummaging through your pantry searching for your next snack attack, visualise a hearty meal, say a juicy steak or a warm chicken salad. If the meal you visualised isn’t appetising (compared to the warm chocolate cake) than perhaps you’re not hungry- you could be thirsty, searching for comfort or simply bored – go hit the pavement!

GO FOR A CHANGE IN SCENERY- Curb your cravings by heading outside- it’s that simple research has shown having visual distractions can help reduce cravings! GET OFF THE COUCH ! What are you gonna do this weekend?? Make sure you have a fantastic one indeed!


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