Apr 242015

Have you ever noticed that some people brighten up the room as soon as they walk in??It is cause the effect of how they make others feel. A SKILL that anyone can have here is how…. 1. BE GENUINELY interested in people! you don’t have to love everyone,but you should be curious or fascinated by people in some way. ┬áCharming people walk in a room ready to ┬áspend time talking to others. 2. REMEMBER PEOPLE’S NAMES! It is the sweetest thing to hear and be sure to use it. 3. ASSUME RAPPORT! Kindness coupled with respect makes people feel loved and cared for ….people may forget you but they will and should never forget of how you made them FEEL!! I personally believe the sheer skill of listening to people is so underated make sure you listen more than what you speak, we do have TWO ears and only one mouth after all ha ha! DON’T FORGET TO PLAY UP YOUR ASSETS WORK THOSE EYES AND HYNOTIZE! XXBEE
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