Jun 112014

NEWSTEAD 017Motivation that results in goal setting can be a result of dissapointment such as seeing a unflattering photo of yourself or clothing that wont fit or via inspiration, such as meeting someone who you aspire to be like, Goal setting can be natural a reaction to dissapointment or inspiration as eating is when your hungry. So if the setting of the goals can be so simple, and motivation levels to achieve them can be simultaneously hugh, what is it that stops us stepping off the goal platform and into the depths of actually doing what needs to be done to achieve them. HERE ARE SOME OF WAYS TO KICK START YOUR BUTT INTO ACTION!

1.STOP- whenever a negative thought comes into your head, simply yell in your head or strongly speak aloud.’STOP’ yOU’LL be surprised how quickly this interrupts your negative thought. You should then replace it with a more positive and constructive thought.

2.STOP ,REWIND AND PLAYBACK- When you have negative thoughts or do something that has a negative impact on you , stop and visualise the thought or action as you would if you were watching it on video.See yourself pressing the STOP button .Then see yourself pressing the rewind button until your at the start of the negative thought or action you’ve just experienced.. Next see yourself playing it back, but now doing it in a positive way. You have just replaced your thoughts/actions with how you want to think or act.With practice this action will take only a couple of seconds to run through your mind.

3.BUT- Any time you feel yourself thinking negatively use the word BUT and point out the positive aspects.For example you might say to yourself, ‘I’m lousy at this job-but if I keep at it I can probably improve. You’ll break the negative circuit in your brain and immediately finish off with a positive thought.

4.RUBBER BAND -Wear a rubber band around your wrist. Whenever a negative thought comes into your head, pull the rubber band back and let it go so it stings you on your wrist(or you can simply pinch yourself). The concept is is the same which is simply to interrupt the negative thought pattern in your brain so you can replace it with something more POSTIVE, BENEFICAL AND CONSTRUCTIVE! NEWSTEAD 032NEWSTEAD 036

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