Sep 272014

SUPER DOOPPER SUNDAY 013_ppWell the warmer weather has certainly hit and I’m kind of missing wearing my famous fluffy coats that I so adore!! It sure is nice though to see feel and see the sunshine! Here are some of my top tips for spring !

Here is HOTFOX FOR SEPTEMBER STEPHANIE MUSKENS! STEPH SPORTS A NEW DO FOR SPRING (LOOKING NICE AND SPORTY BABE) A new colour or hairstyle is a wonderful way to welcome in spring/ summer time which brings my top tip at mumber 1!

1. get a new style or hair do!

2.update your make up and throw out any old stuff or stuff that you know you will never use

3. clean out the closet throw out the clothes that no longer fit you( give to charity)

4. write down your new goals(think of where you want to be / how you want to feel in 6 months time) some CHILLI get your metabolism going

6. invest in a good quality protein powder

7.make a routine with a friend to do a weekly run/walk and lock it in each week(no excuses) more fresh fruits (

yummy mangoes are coming into season think smoothies) special attention to your diet an amazing getaway (EVEN FOR ONE NIGHT) all work and no play HELL NO!fit_fox_325x531_front1-310x500 (1).jpgbbe

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