Jan 222015

2015 ! lET IT BE A YEAR WHERE WE GET YOU IN THE KITCHEN COOKING! HERE is Mr Jay cooking up his dinner. So great to do your own cooking no hidden calories, fats, hidden nasties and you are the master of what you create!

Start going to farmers makets to buy fresh produce have a good healthy breakfest, a finish the day with a light dinner ! Fantastic summer fruits are in season so enjoy (we are loving making mango smoothies at the mo) Time for you to get your blender out!! Why not host a dinner party this weekend? THROW OUT ALL THE JUNK IN YOUR FRIDGE AND START AFRESH! NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOUR TRANSFORMATION LADIES!MARY FOR HOTFOX 130 WHAT YOU EAT IS 80 PER CENT OF WHAT YOUR BODY WILL LOOK LIKE!

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